Don't just take our word for it, listen to some satisfied clients purr about our services

Christine S. - Niagara Falls, ON Canada

"I was put in contact with "Nikko" and his team at Windy Cats when my family was faced with clearing our family home in CT. With all of my siblings living throughout North America, the task at hand was monumental to say the least as we knew there were a lot of precious, valuable and collectible items as well as an unbelievable amount of everyday items that had been collected over a lifetime. We needed help in deciding what to do and how best to accomplish the task of clearing the home. Enter the Windy Cats!!! They worked tirelessly to inventory, stage, promote and sell the contents of this home all the while keeping myself and my siblings constantly updated and at ease that our family home and contents were being well taken care of. When everything was said and done, we were left amazed with the results!

Thank you Nikko and your team at Windy Cats for your professionalism and work ethic to make what seemed like an impossible and monumental task a success! A success that I might add, that far exceeded our expectations."


Windy Cats Estate Sa​les

Ginger H. - Glen Head, NY

"Nikko and Kathy thanks so much for your excellent handling of the estate sale of my mother's treasures. It allowed us the reassurance that you would give it the respect it deserved and free us to go on vacation while you oversaw the entire project. I do think that you were the perfect people with the knowledge and sensitivity necessary. I am very pleased with the outcome and all of.these words are meant sincerely."  

Kathie K. - Ridgefield, CT

"When we were faced with cleaning out the house to prepare it for sale we knew we had some items of worth but we weren't sure of their value. We were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items. In addition, we didn't know how to go about displaying the items, advertising the sale or managing the flow of customers due to limited access to the house. We were almost resigned to giving everything away when our realtor referred us to the Windy Cats team. We were relieved when they reassured us that they would handle everything from pricing the inventory and preparing it for sale, managing and staffing the sale, and arranging for the removal of any items after the estate sale. The Windy Cats Team was friendly, hardworking, and professional. Our estate sale was a success beyond our expectations and we owe it all to the Windy Cats Team."

Hansine S. - New Milford, CT

"If you are relocating and looking for help with the sale of your possessions we would highly recommend Windy Cats Estate Sales. Nikko and Kathy were wonderful to work with. They were professional, personable and efficient. Our house echoed when they were done!!"  

Andrea V. - Danbury, CT

"I was recommended to Kathy and Nikko of Windy Cats Estate Sales by someone I did not know all that well but reached out to them to invite them to look at our house and see what they thought. It was my husband’s childhood home since 1964 so there was a lot of stuff. Let me repeat, there was a lot of stuff. We had things from his parents who lived here before and then stuff we have acquired in 30 years of marriage.  

I never even thought twice about running an estate sale myself, the thought was overwhelming to me. Kathy and Nikko came over within a few days of when I called and were gregarious, warm and most of all totally professional and clearly knew their stuff. We had quite a mix of stuff from true antiques to some vintage things as well as some stuff that were cherished family items but probably not overly valuable. We had everything from jewelry and nice American-made furniture to G.I Joe figures, artwork, glassware and household/kitchen items.

After waiting on pins and needles to see if Windy Cats could fit us into their schedule as we were hoping to do an estate sale quickly so that we could list our home for sale, we locked in a date and signed the contract. The real work began and over the course of two weeks, Kathy and Nikko, and sometimes their team members too, came to our home to organize and stage stuff for the sale. Furniture was moved aside or stored temporarily in other rooms and display tables and cabinets went up. Our living room soon looked like an antique store.

They and their crew worked hard for two weeks getting everything ready but worked extra hard the three days of the sale, which were smack during a near-heat wave as temps soared to over or near 90 degrees. 

When the dust settled so to speak and the sale was over, I and my family remain in awe of all they accomplished. They handled hundreds of sales and throngs of customers every day and did it with a smile on their faces. We are more than pleased with the results they achieved and I would heartily recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional firm to run an estate sale."